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We offer comprehensive 
pain management and rehabilitation services for adults and children.

our New Practice

in Amble Ridge Village

Better Facilities for Even Better Service

We completed the move of our practice from Rex Drive to Amble Ridge Village in Hunters Home at the end of 2017. 

From here, we can offer our clients even better service. The move allowed for a larger practice to accommodate our expanding client base, where a full-time second physiotherapist now ensures a shorter waiting period on appointments. 

We’ve also added additional pain management and rehabilitation options, like hydrotherapy in the indoor heated swimming pool. 

Hydro sessions are twice per week. 
No appointment is necessary, but a physio assessment is required.



20 Years




Meet Our Team

Sunette Meyer
Sunette Meyer
After receiving her BSc Physiotherapy degree from the University of the Free State (Bloemfontein) in 2003, Sunette Meyer practiced in the UK and in Knysna until she started her own practice in 2013.
Janika Snyman
Janika Snyman
Janika Snyman received her BSc Physiotherapy degree from the University of the Free State in Bloemfontein. She joined Sunette Meyer in June 2015 upon her return to South Africa after practicing in Texas, USA.
Carien Dickson
Carien Dickson
Carien Dickson joined the team as the new receptionist in November 2017 when Karen moved to a primarily accounting position. Carien mainly manages reception, client appointments and billing.

We go With you to Hospital

We also service our patients before and after surgery in-hospital at Knysna Life Private Hospital and Advanced Health Day Hospital.

We'll be by your side throughout your hospital stay and recovery process.

Our Services

Pain Management
Pain due to injury, chronic pain, or physical discomfort that persists over a long period of time can be actively managed with physiotherapy.
Physio rehabilitation refers to treatment aimed at helping patients restore their mobility and physical functions after injury, surgery or illness.
Operative Care
We assist our local patients pre- and post-surgery, as well as during their stay at Knysna Life Private Hospital to aim for optimal recovery.
Preventative treatment benefits especially older patients and sports people, where we treat to prevent injury, pain or repetitive strain.
Postural Correction
Postural correction often greatly reduces headaches, back and neck pain – especially when in the same position for extensive time.
For patients that struggle with work-related physical strain, we assess their workplace to see where changes can benefit their health and reduce pain.
Our exercise programmes are adapted to each patient's ability and fitness level, and are aimed at strengthening, rather than fitness.
Physiotherapy-focused hydrotherapy sessions are offered in the heated, indoor pool right next to our practice twice per week.

Pain Management vs

Constantly Medicating

Most patients visit a physiotherapist after home remedies, massaging and pain medication are not sufficient anymore to reduce chronic pain. 

Knowing exactly what the cause of your pain is (whether as a result of an injury or wear-&-tear), we will show you how you can make small adjustments to your posture and lifestyle to manage your pain, increase your flexibility and maximise your mobility.

It’s often just knowing what you can do (and which movements you should be avoiding) which can have a huge impact on your day-to-day activities and pain levels.

Active pain management instead of constantly medicating for your pain is a much better way of dealing with your discomfort or pain. 

We will help you lead a healthier lifestyle.

Some Physio Tips

Give your body a break by moving around every twenty minutes during work hours. Pause to do stretches or get up and walk around. Also move when you’re not working. Try to avoid falling into the same positions and posture as you adopt at work when you’re not working – don’t hunch over screens during your leisure hours!

Move More

Check the position of your laptop or computer screen. Your eyes should focus on the screen at a point 15 degrees below the horizontal – in other words, you should be looking very slightly downwards. The computer should be positioned directly in front of you. Angling it even slightly can cause strain on one side of the neck. The distance should…

Screen Positioning

Beware of not thrusting your head or chin forward when you do desktop work. This can cause muscle strain and pain. Imagine you are suspended from a balloon, with the string attached to the crown of your head. Your chin would naturally tuck in a little, and the curve in the back of your neck would straighten. That’s a good…

Desktop Posture

If you need to use a telephone often or for long periods, don’t be tempted to hold your phone between your shoulder and ear. This causes intense strain on the muscles. Get a headset if you need to work while talking, or use a hands-free phone on speaker.

Phone Usage