Physio massaging is a hands-on technique for moving muscles and soft tissues of the body – in order to allow mobilisation of the underlying joints and ligaments.

We practice deep tissue massaging and trigger point therapy, where we work on the problem areas, in order to relief muscle tension and spasm. Our techniques include friction, kneading, gliding, percussion, vibration, compresison, and stretching.

Apart from allowing us to perform further physio treatments, massaging is also known to boost immunity, normalise blood pressure, improve circulation, and speed up recovery after high intensity sports performances.

Common Questions:

Normal massaging is aimed at relaxation and stress-relief. Physio massaging is targeted at the problem area and is usually deeper and firmer – reaching the deeper muscles and connective tissues.

Because our technique is aimed at reaching the deeper muscles, you might feel tender afterwards.

Sports massaging aids in the recovery after intense workouts, training or racing sessions. It can also be performed as preparation for sports events, by removing unwanted intra-muscular toxins and stiffness, which improves soft tissue elasticity.