Injuries, Accidents & Falls

Injuries, Accidents & Falls


Apart from requiring physiotherapy for age- or disease-/condition-related problems, a huge percentage of our patients need treatment due to injuries.

Physical injuries due to sporting accidents or strains, or due to accidents and falls are common in both our young and older patients.

Common sports injuries include sprains (like wrists and ankles), pulls and strains (like groin pulls and hamstring strains), shin splints, tennis / golfers’ elbow (epicondylitis), tendonitis (like Achilles injuries), and knee and shoulder injuries (like runners’ knee and rotator cuff injuries). Often, athletes exercise excessively, which result in muscular and ligament injuries.

Our older patients often require physiotherapy after home accidents and falls – commonly resulting in knee and hip injuries.

Traumatic injuries can include bruising, wounds (skin abrasions or punctures) and bone fractures. Where injuries are more traumatic, we often need to treat patients in conjunction with a general practitioner and only after further medical investigation, like x-rays, sonars or MRIs.

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