Hospital Calls

Our practice shares hospital calls at Knysna Life Private Hospital and Advanced Health Day Hospital with the other physiotherapists in town.

Either Sunette or Janika do hospital calls once per month, for the week (including weekends). This involves treating in-hospital patients who require post-surgery rehabilitation (hip and knee replacements, accidents, etc), as well as neuro patients (like stroke and Parkinson’s patients), patients hospitalised for chest infections (bronchitis, pneumonia, emphysema, etc.), and ICU patients.

We also treat our own patients in-hospital outside of our hospital visits. So, when you are hospitalised at Knysna Life, we will be by your side during your surgery and recovery process, whether we are on duty at the hospital or not.

When we are not on call, you are welcome to request for us to be your physio, ahead of surgery. Please speak to your doctor, admission clerk or the nursing staff at the hospital.